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Heating Oil Delivery You Can Depend On


Hudson Valley Fuel Oil delivers a high quality grade of heating oil to help ensure you receive the most value for your heating dollar.

Delivery Options

Automatic Delivery - Just as it says, when your oil tank needs refilling, we’ll be there! There’s no need to call to arrange a delivery. Once we set you up as a new customer and track your first few months’ usage, our scheduling system keeps up with your needs to help ensure that you never run out of oil.

Will Call Delivery - Some customers are more comfortable determining their own heating oil needs. Just give us a call 1-2 days in advance of when you need a delivery and we’ll put your home on our delivery schedule.

Emergency - Our customers can rely on us to respond quickly in the event of a heating oil emergency. Ask about our service contracts for 24 hour/ 365 response

Budget Plans

Because your heating needs vary widely during the year, we offer a monthly budget payment plan that lets you allocate payments out over a full twelve-month period. Most heating oil suppliers offer only a ten-month plan. Our extended budget plan helps make your monthly costs more affordable.

We accept payments by cash, check and most major credit cards, making it as convenient as possible for you.

Service Contracts

Full Coverage of your heating system and delivery benefits including 24 hour emergency service.



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